Perjuries of the GTV Case Exposed, Western Countries Punish CCP’s Accomplices Severely

On Getter video in May 28, Miles Guo said that all CCP spies who perjured and framed the fellow fighters in accordance with the CCP’s requirements, will face investigations by governments of various countries and possible legal sanctions during the GTV lawsuit. During the investigation of the GTV case, relevant departments in European countries found that some people who perjured in court to frame GTV were all connected with an official of the Chinese Embassy in Germany. This official paid the perjurers’ legal fees in the name of a German chamber of commerce and instructed them to create false testimony against the former Saraca and GTV.

The local judiciary also found that the perjurers could not explain the relevant source of funding, and even concealed their interactions with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) agencies abroad. Some of them even colluded with local law enforcement officials, a situation they did not truthfully explain to prosecutors. Some of the perjurers have been arrested by the Italian, German and Swiss police and would not be able to be released on bail. According to Miles, the CCP agents who were involved in framing GTV have been successively arrested or investigated. Miles noted that the significance of the arrest of these people is extremely important to the Whistleblower Movement. The progress of this case has proved to the world of the CCP’s massive overseas BGY (Blue:control of the internet; , Gold: gold; Yellow: sex) operation, perjuries of the GTV case is considered as a blatant disruption of judicial order of Western countries. The follow-up of this case by Western countries will not spare anyone who helped the CCP to frame the Whistleblower Movement.

In addition, the US investigation agency found that under the arrangement of the CCP’s Counter-Whistleblower Movement Squad, Wei Lihong, the former responsible person of VOG, concocted a series of perjuries, and even tried to coerce five fellow fighters to perjure in court to frame the Whistleblower Movement and GTV. Miles warned all fellow fighters overseas that in Western legal systems such as the United States and other Western countries, the red line of the law must not be crossed. Forgery and perjury are suspected serious crimes, and do not take any chances in front of judicial inspectors. If anyone encounters any judicial problems, they should ask a lawyer for help. Don’t trust anyone from friends or relatives who suddenly show up from Communist China.

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