Internal Traitors Will Be the Major Breach For Taiwan to Fight Against CCP’s Aggression

Miles Guo stated during his Grand Live Broadcast on May 24th that in the battle to defend Taiwan, there will be heroes to fight for Taiwan and also traitors with botched performances. Miles also noted that when the CCP invades Taiwan, there will definitely be Taiwan heroes who resist the CCP’s military aggression.

Miles said that US President Joe Biden’s clear statement of protecting Taiwan will greatly inspire the determination of the Taiwan people to fight against the CCP’s military force. But Taiwan is not Ukraine, and the difference in geography will cause the battle to protect Taiwan to be very different from that to protect Ukraine.

Miles emphasized that a large number of Taiwan traitors and thieves infiltrating Taiwan’s military, political and business circles will be the most unstable factors in Taiwan. Those Taiwan traitors and thieves who have deeply experienced the benefits from the CCP’s BGY (Blackmailing, Corruption and Honey trap) operations won’t be restrained by the US’s strong protection, because they are all bottomless brokers in terms of human nature.

In addition, Miles said that the U.S. protects Taiwan not for the sake of superficial values or any democratic leader, but for Taiwan’s global strategic significance.

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