The “Use Is Wealth” Application Scenario of Lying-Flat Coin (LFC)

Miles Guo stated in the live broadcast on May 22 that the decentralized cryptocurrency, LFC, will go online in July.
At its beginning, the LFC was designed to connect with the collapsing economy of the Chinese Communist Party. It aims to make the country non-violent and non-cooperative in a lying-flat way. With the technology upgrade later on, the completely decentralized LFC turns the other way to H Coin, which is a centralized crytocurrency controlled by the Himalaya Exchange. It is globally oriented, so it can be used online to create wealth when circulating. The LFC does not hook on anything. It will be traded online in the global market, where its value depends on. The more it circulates and is used, the higher its value.

People’s traces on the Internet can generate value, and the LFC is able to integrate online human behaviors into a currency. Participating in volunteer work such as the grand live broadcasts, Ukrainian rescue, and spreading information about the Whistleblower Movement, and using the G series platforms can obtain LFC. These also demonstrate its application scenarios.
In addition to these traditional application scenarios, Miles mentioned Emoji, which was invented by the Japanese and is a pan-cultural expression of the Internet era. The social media software, Line, gave share to the Emoji creator to access Emoji, which makes Line very popular in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and other places. In the future, this model would also be connected with the LFC system, using Emoji to earn LFC!

Translator: MOS Translation Team – Bright
Design&editor: Hbamboo

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