The Crisis in Taiwan under the CCP Siege but not Fight Situation

In the grand live broadcast on May 24, Miles analyzed the dual crisis that Taiwan faced after the CCP decided on a siege strategy instead of a fight against Taiwan.
Miles pointed out that the first layer of the CCP’s strategy to siege but not fight is to unleash the traitors of Taiwan, guide public opinion, and create a trend of thoughts on Taiwan that must return to the mainland. Whether on June 4, 1989, during the Hong Kong protests, or the recent public protests in Changchun, Shanghai, the CCP deliberately created trouble by infiltrating and inserting fake events among the people who demanded guarantees of their rights and then found a way to achieve its evil purpose. Miles said that the CCP would adopt similar tactics for Taiwan.
The second layer of the crisis is the disaster caused by the poisoned CCP virus vaccine that the Whistleblower Movement has been talking about. The impact of catastrophe will go beyond what has been so far, including President Biden’s speech in Japan. Miles pointed out that the Kuomintang (KMT) people are very close to the CCP, propagating and promoting vaccination in Taiwan. Although there is no direct evidence to prove it, it is enough to make people suspect that the current so-called outbreak in Taiwan is a deliberate plan implemented by some people. And the most worrying thing is that those warriors who would have protected Taiwan will die young because they have been vaccinated, allowing the CCP to take advantage of them.

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