North Korea tested nuclear detonator and fired three missiles right after Biden left South Korea

On May 25, shortly after US President Joe Biden’s visit to Japan and South Korea, South Korea’s National Security Office said that North Korea appeared to have tested a nuclear detonator and was preparing for its seventh nuclear test explosion. Three ballistic missiles were fired in the early hours of the same day.
The Central News Agency reported that Kim Tae-hyo, the first chief of the National Security Office of South Korea, disclosed the news at a media briefing on the 25th. In addition, he pointed out that North Korea also launched three ballistic missiles in their own eastern waters that day. The missiles tested appeared to include the newly developed Hwasong-17 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).
According to the Deutsche Welle, the launch time of North Korea happened just a few hours after U.S. President Biden wrapped up his Asia trip, and Biden has just reiterated that he will defend US’s allies from North Korea’s nuclear threat.
According to the Central Report, White House National Security Adviser Sullivan called the South Korean National Security Adviser Kim Sung-han and condemned the test by North Korea. The White House also issued a statement saying that both the United States and South Korea condemned North Korea’s ballistic missile test that aims to destabilize the region and pledged to continue to strengthen close coordination.

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