Multiple Catastrophes Loom Ahead in Communist China

On May 25th, Miles Guo mentioned on Gettr that several severe crises loomed for the Chinese people.
First, stock market crisis: the CCP has been modifying data to maintain stability in the Hong Kong stock market, intimidating investors from selling their stock. It also prohibited them from selling any Chinese Stock companies listed in the U.S. capital market. In addition, given the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will delist all China Concept Stocks, the investors can do nothing but wait for bankruptcy even though they know the share prices will plummet to zero.
Second, food crisis: all states, including countries with an abundant supply of agricultural products, are stockpiling food. The grain worldwide has sold out, and a new situation has emerged in Ukraine, where Russian troops plunder food commodities. Mr. Guo specifically reminded his fellow fighters that the food crisis in Communist China had begun.
Third, the drinking water crisis: there have always been shortages of potable water in several provinces of Communist China, and the severe pollution has exacerbated the scarcity of clean water. The drinking water problem poses an enormous threat to the survival of local people.
Fourth, the medical crisis, CCP’s Zero-Covid policy makes patients in Communist China unable to go to hospital and afford the medical expenses, even if they are admitted to the hospital. Today, the CCP created a toxic vaccine to take the whole world down. Mr. Guo reiterated that all the disasters mentioned above were insignificant compared with the CCP virus vaccine catastrophe.

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