Miles Guo Talked About The Great Significance Of Japan To Become A Permanent Member Of The UNSC

During the grand live broadcast on May 24th, Miles Guo talked about the great significance of the US’s backing Japan’s candidacy for a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) from the following four aspects:
First, President Biden expressed the US’s unequivocal support for Japan’s aspiration for permanent membership in the invitation. Once approved, there would emerge a second UN centered on the US, Japan, India, and Australia, which counterbalances the entire European plate with the Indo-Pacific region.
Second, Japan’s permanent membership shatters CCP’s illusion. Since the Hu-Jintao-era, CCP has been opposed to Japan’s seeking permanent membership of the UNSC. To this end, CCP lambasted then President Clinton and Obama, saying endorsing Japan’s application was regarded as a declaration of war.Third, once Japan becomes the permanent member, it symbolizes the establishment of the Asian version of NATO as well as the expulsion of Communist China and Russia from the UNSC. The situation that Communist China, geographically surrounded by the US, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and India, won’t dare to cross the red line. Once confirmed, this will also trigger the collapse of Kim Jong-un regime in North Korea, which will lead to the reunification of North and South Korea.
In the end, Miles underlined the utmost importance of Biden’s invitation, which represented that the US is seeking to abolish the current existing system of the UN and create a tripartite international situation underpinned by the US, NATO, and Asian version of NATO in response to geopolitical challenges, food shortages, environmental contamination, outer space exploration as well as the human rights issues besetting the humanity.

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