Miles Guo Explains The Great Significance Of President Biden’s Speech for Taiwan

During the grand live broadcast on May 24th, Miles Guo analyzed President Biden’s speech delivered at the press conference and its great significance for Taiwan.
Mr. Guo pointed out it was extremely difficult for Taiwan, which is completely at a geographical disadvantage. For decades, Taiwan has been threatened and infiltrated by the CCP. But it has always been a role model in terms of productivity, morals, faith, and civilization for the world. Once CCP invaded Taiwan, many heroic Taiwanese would stand up for themselves and their family. Unfortunately, there were too many traitors in Taiwan, who were willing to serve as CCP’s running dog in their bones and would never become restrained due to Biden’s trip to Asia.
Subsequently, Mr. Guo emphasized that the reason why the US would defend Taiwan was its important role in geopolitics, strategic value, and significance in the world as well as the decades of friendship between the Taiwanese and American people. President Biden’s words “Yes, that was the commitment we made” demonstrated for the first time the US’s renunciation of strategic ambiguity and its unequivocal determination to protect Taiwan, which was the best news for Taiwanese in the past 70 years.

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