Carry Forward The Cause, Forge Ahead Into The Future And Cherish The Present

In the live broadcast on May 18, Miles Guo was connecting with fellow fighters at the Rescue frontline in Medyka, Poland. He pointed out that people always look back on the past and look forward to the future, but we should cherish the present more.

Miles said that more manpower has been added to the front-line team, who were fellow fighters from Farms in Asia, America, Europe, etc. People deeply feel that the New Federal State of China (NFSC) has truly achieved globalization: comprehensively arrange work and act in unison with tasks. This way, resources can be reasonable allocated, hence the efficiency of Rescue Operations can maximize.

The fellow fighters not only brought their professional skills, but also some essential medicines for the prevention and treatment of the CCP virus. Japanese fellow fighters brought the very beautiful handmade origami thousand-feather cranes, that symbolizes peace, health, gratitude, and blessing, which reflects the sincere feelings of mutual love among fellow fighters. Miles also specially asked Wei Lan to bring an autographed Gfashion hoodie to Nicole, a fellow fighter.

To express his concern and gratitude to Nicole, who has been fighting on the front line of rescue since the beginning of the war and won praises from all parties for her outstanding performance. Thanks for her great contribution to the aids of Ukrainian refugees. The fellow fighters at the rescue frontline said that they must cherish the precious time in the rescue station. Treat each other with sincerity, and work hard to do their job well. To demonstrate the excellent qualities and beautiful images of the people of the NFSC as always.

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