Soros: Xi Jinping made mistakes in clearing other issues or affecting his re-election

According to The Epoch Times: On May 24, billionaire George Soros said that Chinese President Xi Jinping made a series of mistakes that could cost him power and further affect his re-election.

“But even if he gets it, the Politburo probably won’t give him the freedom to choose his next Politburo members,” Soros said in a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

The legendary Hungarian-born financier criticized Xi’s “zero policy”, arguing that it had failed, pushing Shanghai to the brink of “open rebellion,” according to a speech (link) released by Soros’ office.

All the Whistleblower Movement fighters who have been listening to the breaking news know that Davos’ Soros has a tide relationship with the overseas financial group (China especially). This time, he intends to stand on the platform with Xi Jinping to show his support of the CCP. He also said: “Xi Jinping insists on his ‘zero policy’. This has created enormous difficulties for the residents of Shanghai, forcing them into temporary quarantine centers instead of keeping them at home. This has put Shanghai at the brink of open rebellion.”

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