Proposal in Japan Put Forward to Consider Vaccinating Children

On the 24th, opposition members of Congress formed a “super-partisan coalition of parliamentarians (tentative name) to seriously consider vaccinating children” against the CCP virus. It was decided to open at the upcoming Congress on the 31st, and prepare for its formal establishment in mid-June.

The parliamentarian alliance was co-sponsored by two senators, Hiroshi Yamada of the Liberal Democratic Party and Ryuhei Kawada of the Constitutional Democratic Party, and called on members of Congress across the country to participate.

The letter of intent is that as the infection of the coronavirus expands, the widely used mRNA vaccines “does not yet know its mid to long-term safety and is undergoing large-scale trials.” Even if the child is infected with the coronavirus and the symptoms are mild, and pointed out “it is generally difficult to become severe.”

Regarding the question of vaccinating children, “whether mRNA vaccination can continue to be recommended, we need to stop again and verify the risks and effects from all directions.”

Japan was approved by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare on January 21 this year to vaccinate children aged 5-12 against Covid-19.

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