CCP’s Disastrous Consequences After Its Illegitimate Seizure of Power

During the grand live broadcast on May 22nd, Miles Guo talked about some little-known history after CCP’s illegal takeover and exposed once again the ugly face and bloody reign of CCP as well as its cadres.

Since 1951 or thereabouts, the fierce political infighting has begun shortly after CCP’s illegitimately taking power, which had nothing to do with the country or nation. During the brutal political struggle, many of CCP’s former senior leaders had been subjected to denunciation and incarceration. Even more tragically, the ordinary Chinese people once suffered severe hunger during the nearly three decades of terrible political strife and tens of millions of people starved or were struggling against death. Sichuan lost 58% of its population over the three years of the Great Famine.

In the face of widespread casualties, not only was Mao Zedong entirely indifferent, but he instead acted like a bloodthirsty monster. The larger the number of deaths from hunger was, the stronger Mao’s appetite, enjoyment and desire became.

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