Ukrainian Official Says Truce with Russia Has Been Ruled Out

In Ukraine’s local time on May 23, the media reported that the Ukrainian president’s adviser, Mykhailo Podolyak, said that Ukraine will not compromise on any agreement involving the cession of territories. Therefore, new peace talks between Ukraine and Russia would only be possible after the withdrawal of all Russian invading troops.

Podolyak noted that the Moscow authorities are constantly ramping up their aggression. They often declared a truce on the surface, while secretly prepared for further attacks. Therefore, concessions made by the Ukrainian government will only backfire on the country. In addition, Putin’s government has been correcting the mistakes they made in the early stages of the war, by strengthening their armaments and manpower, as well as replacing many of their generals. These factors also suggest that the Russian army will retaliate against Ukraine in a more brutal way.

The day before, Andriy Yermak, head of the Ukrainian president’s office, also stressed on social media that the war must end with the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. Ukraine does not only defend itself, but also ensures the security of the entire Europe.

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