The Scandal Of “Chained Woman ”Resurfaces On Social Media

The scandal of “chained woman” in Feng County, Xuzhou of Communist China, reportedly resurfaced the search list on social media on May 22, with the topic being read 3.95 billion times.

Data shows that an insider recently pointed out in a research paper that the current criminal law in Communist China stipulates that those who buy trafficked women and children only be sentenced to a maximum of three years in prison; in contrast, those who buy rare and protected animals, including pandas and golden monkeys, may even be sentenced to prison for entire life. This wide gap directly proves that criminals involved in the human trafficking are not duly punished, and that “human are inferior to animal.”

In response, the general public in Communist China are grateful for people who continue to speak out for “chained women.” On the other hand, they are skeptical about the collective silence of the CCP’s media. At the same time, some netizens also condemned the CCP authorities’ concealment, suppression, and inconsistent falsification of the incident.

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