Food Crisis In Communist China Will Worse Than The Three Years Of Famine

In Gettr Livestream on May 21, Miles Guo made it clear that communist China would be experiencing a more severe food crisis than the three years of famine that followed the Great Leap Forward movement.

As Miles pointed out, the fundamental reason lies in Chinese people’s selfishness, foolishness and ignorance, under the centralized class system designed by the Chinese Communist Party(CCP), as they could not escape their classes, or challenge the higher ruling class. The looming food crisis in communist China will also result from global food shortage including China, the depletion of its foreign exchange reserve and expected floods this year.

Mao Zedong’s mistress Zhang Yufeng once revealed to Miles that the Chinese people’s selfishness, foolishness, and ignorance were the reason for being starved to death because they all thought that it won’t happen to themselves after seeing others starved to death and the CCP would surely send food to them. But in fact, the CCP took all the food as strategic supply for the exclusive use of the party members, which is also the origin of the “special supply” within the CCP. Moreover, the CCP will deliberately create incidents to arrest typical people, ultimately consolidating the benefit of the “special” class.

Miles said that acts such as withholding materials and looting of residents’ assets by “white guard” personnel in Shanghai, are far worse than the previous Cultural Revolution. Next, those with money and food will also be vilified by the CCP as illegally hiding strategic supply and get sentenced to prison. By turning the possession of everyday necessities of life into a right and privilege, the CCP has accomplished the classification and solidification of classes throughout China. The entire society of communist China has become so designed by the extreme totalitarian grid that no class can break through to the extent of its existing class.

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