CCP’s Suppression Of Financial Refugees By Epidemic Control

In China’s local time on May 22, it was reported by Communist China media that Xinzheng of Henan Province suddenly announced that the area around Yishuizhai Village in Guanyinsi Town was designated as a so-called “ epidemic control zone” of the CCP virus. At the same time, Guanyinsi Town and Lihe Town were also marked as lockdown Zones.

Currently, all the health codes of people in the areas have been changed to red codes and are under strict control. Moreover, some hotels in the city of Zhengzhou in Henan have been strictly isolated. It is worth noting that no single case of CCP virus has been reported earlier in Zhengzhou and Xinzheng. But four banks in these villages have reportedly refused to allow depositors to withdraw their money, and that the victims who were trying to defend their rights were staying in the hotels mentioned above in Zhengzhou. Some videos show how the CCP government arrested these protesters on that day by using epidemic control as a fake probable cause.

Analysts have pointed out that since the CCP’s approach to human rights protesters has always been violent, the so-called “zero-CCP virus” policy is simply another seemingly legitimate excuse for such suppression. Earlier in his broadcast, Miles Guo also warned several times that the CCP authorities have been using the epidemic as a way to tightly control people, and that Communist China has entered a mode that the whole country could be turned into a concentration camp at any time.

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