Bannon Praises NFSC for Taking Down the CCP

On May 19, NFSC’s reporter Nicole interviewed Mr. Bannon. He said taking down the CCP can only be achieved by the Chinese themselves, aka, the Laobaixing. But the allies of the NFSC such as Bannon himself, could assist and let the world know what an absurd world we are living in, where a handful of nefarious people are controlling 1.2 or 1.4 billion people.

Mr. Bannon praised that the effort made by fellow fighters at the frontline is to strengthen the power to take down the CCP, a campaign that is currently making significant progress. In response, Nicole said she was so grateful that the NFSC has great American allies like Mr. Bannon, and she also wished that those Americans and the Westerners, whose fortune and success are tied to the power of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), would cease providing financial support to the CCP. She added that currently, if Wall Street, the Davos elites, and all global mainstream media quit serving the interest of the CCP, the Chinese people would have already overthrown the CCP.

Nicole called on the international community to decouple from the CCP in terms of finance, diplomacy, and economy. And the NFSC will surely defeat the CCP.

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