U.S. and South Korea Leaders’ Joint Statement Promises To Ensure A Free And Open Indo-Pacific Region

U.S. President Biden met with South Korea (ROK) President Yoon Suk Yeol on May 21. The two sides reiterated the importance of preserving peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait as an essential element in security and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region.
In coordinating relations with North Korea, President Yoon and President Biden reiterated their shared goal of entirely denuclearizing North Korea and breaking the diplomatic deadlock with North Korea. In addition, the two Presidents also have the intention to help North Korea tackle the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus pandemic. In terms of geopolitics, the purpose of the US-ROK alliance is to counter the CCP’s threat of military force to the Indo-Pacific region, especially to Taiwan.
Regarding economic trade and the global supply chain, high-tech chips, semiconductors, and batteries are focal points of cooperation between the two parties. In order to attract South Korean companies to invest in the United States, Biden reportedly mentioned particularly the electric vehicle production plant invested and built by South Korea’s Hyundai Motor Group in Georgia, USA, which is expected to be completed and opened in the first half of 2025.

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