NFSC Rescue Operation Team To Be Evacuated From Medyka

On May 20th, the New Federal State of China (NFSC) rescue operation team was informed that all fellow fighters are supposed to evacuate from Medyka by June 1st, which is based on Miles Guo’s intelligence and analysis of the situation in the Ukraine-Russia war. Miles noted that NFSC has successfully accomplished this humanitarian aid, saving the Ukrainian refugees.
According to the latest reports from Medyka, fellow fighters Nicole, Guiwu, interpreter Tiger, and a driver had driven to Lviv on May 21st, local time, for related formalities of leaving. Fellow fighter Wenke briefly introduced a management plan for all properties funded by the Rule of Law Foundation, including the preservation, donation, and classification records of rescue materials, as well as maintenance of good relationships with all global rescue organizations to lay a good foundation for future cooperation.

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