U.S. Treasury Secretary Yellen Calls Xi Jinping the Biggest Threat to the World

During his grand live broadcast on May 18, Miles Guo disclosed that, in light of the increased cooperation between the EU and the US, as well as the West’s accelerated decoupling from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), US Treasury Secretary Yellen, who was attending an economic forum, uncharacteristically referred to the General Secretary of the CCP, Xi Jinping, as the biggest threat in the world.

According to Miles Guo, Yellen, who has the mentor-student relationship with Shan Weijian, the PAG Chairman of PAG and the CCP spy, was convinced of recent intelligence leaked by sources within the CCP, regarding Xi’s deteriorating health, his ambition to take over Taiwan, and his potential decision to launch a nuclear attack.

Miles noted that Yellen’s changes of her attitude, a result of the infighting within the CCP, is a manifestation of the New Federal State of China (NFSC)’s Tenet of eradicating the CCP through CCP’s own initiatives with the United States’ assistance.

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