Twitter Will Disappear, Gettr is the Biggest Beneficiary of the Acquisition

In the Grand Live Broadcast on May 17, when talking about the Twitter acquisition case, Miles Guo revealed that the core figure in this acquisition transaction is the Whistleblower Movement fellow fighters. Miles made it clear that the ending was set, Twitter will disappear, and Musk’s acquisition of Twitter is a deal that could never be completed. Miles mentioned four possible scenarios that could occur during the acquisition process:

In the first scenario, Musk is taken to court and forced by a judge to buy Twitter, but the market value will drop to 10%, only about $5 billion.
The second, Musk pays a $1 billion breakup fee.
The third, Musk is sued by Twitter’s minority shareholders and compensated for $1 billion.
The fourth, Musk, Twitter’s board of shareholders, and the management team blame each other. Miles pointed out that Musk’s acquisition of Twitter will only end in one outcome, with the SEC stepping in to investigate.

When the number of fake accounts of robots exceeded 5%, the SEC would require Twitter to be delisted and shut down. It may also give Musk a warning, but Musk will definitely eliminate Twitter. In addition, the acquisition has inadvertently helped Gettr greatly, and Twitter and Li Feifei, the CCP’s running dog, would disappear.

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