Steve Wynn Case OpensNew Chapter for Whistleblower Movement

Let’s take a look at the relationship between the Steve Wynn case and the Whistle Blower Movement.

On May 19, in a live broadcast, Miles Guo once again talked about the relationship between Sun Lijun and Xi Jinping, as revealed by Steve Wynn when he lobbied President Trump. Miles disclosed how the “Extermination of the Whistleblower Movement Group” deceived Xi Jinping, framed Miles, and was later eradicated by Xi Jinping.

In 2015, Meng Jianzhu and Wang Qishan falsely claimed that Miles had many private videos of Xi and his family and encouraged Xi to go on a killing spree against Miles. In a doubtful mind, Xi set up an extermination group against Miles and his Whistleblower Movement in 2017, limited to four people led by Wang Qishan, Fu Zhenhua, Meng Jianzhu, and Sun Lijun. In 2019, Xi Jinping felt more and more deceived based on the development of facts and the intelligence he obtained from his channels. He then investigated Wang, Fu, Meng, and Sun and gradually cut off their clique.

Miles concluded that these people played Xi for three reasons. First, Xi did have something to fear. Second, Xi could not immediately grasp intelligence from multiple sources and could not quickly judge the truth of the information. Third, Xi is a loner in the government and the Party. The “Extermination of the Whistleblower Movement Group” took advantage of Xi’s weakness and carried out a partisanship attack inside and outside the Party on anti-corruption.

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