Putin Purges Several Russian Generals Over The Unfavorable Ukrainian Battlefield

On May 19, some Taiwan media reported that Putin purged a number of senior Russian generals out of his anger for the recent series of battlefield failures in Ukraine.

According to Ukrainian Defense Intelligence Agency (UDIA), on the 17th, the Kremlin punished several generals across the board for the Russian military failure in Ukraine. Vice Admiral Osipov, the commander of the Black Sea Fleet, was dismissed and arrested. Vice Admiral Pinchuk, the first deputy commander of the Black Sea Fleet, was being investigated. Heavy combat losses led to the suspension of General Yershov, commander of the 6th Combined Arms Army, as well as Lieutenant General Kisel, commander of the elite 1st Guards Tank Army in the Western Military District. Major General Marzoev, commander of the 22nd Army Corps stationed in Crimea, was dismissed for discontent with military orders.

The UDIA noted that the threatened penalties could only fuel the Russian soldiers’ distrust of their commanders. Putin’s regime continues to shock the world with its incompetence and self-destructive stupidity.

The UK Ministry of Defense confirmed the above news, stating that finding scapegoats is a tradition within the Russian military. Accordingly, many of the officers involved in the war have negative coping by delegating crucial decisions to their higher-ups to avoid personal culpability for war-related and anti-humanity crimes.

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