Factional Infighting Intensifies as CCP’s 20th National Congress Approaches

In a live broadcast on May 17, Miles Guo disclosed that the current political stunt within the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to “promote Li and disparage Xi” is not simple. It was the most crucial political battle within the CCP before the 20th National Congress. Miles pointed out that Li Keqiang belongs to the “Communist Youth League” clique, which was a power-competing opponent against Jiang, Zeng, and Zhu Rongji within the Party.

However, now Wang Qishan, Jiang, Zeng, and Zhu Rongji all come together to support Li Keqiang. These leaders don’t care about the CCP regime but their own families’ safety and prosperity. They use the CCP organization to play the last game to save their lives. So, they are grasping Li Keqiang like the last straw, making their previous dying struggle. Although Xi Jinping has highly competent personnel behind him, the CCP is running out of days and will be wiped out.

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