Xi Pretends to Give up Power to Li

In a live broadcast on May 19, Miles Guo said he had received definitive information that Hu Jintao and Zeng Qinghong had recently told the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that Xi Jinping could be re-elected as Chairman of Communist China but should give up his position as General Secretary of CCP, and that they had put forward Li Keqiang and Wang Yang as candidates.

Among the two, Li Keqiang is very close to Wang Qishan and tries to maintain good relations with all factions in the party; Wang Yang, a family member of Qiao Shi, is a princeling. Once these two seemingly liberal people are in power, they will leave Xi’s faction with no position to arrange.

Meanwhile the CCP, no matter who it chooses as party leader, is going its own way under the Communist flag to keep itself alive and continue to enslave the Chinese people. As a result, the purpose of the New Federal State of China is and must be to eliminate the evil system of the CCP.

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