Pro-CCP Hong Kong Government is Considering Blocking Telegram

It was reported on 17 May local time that the Hong Kong government was considering blocking the use of telegram software, and claimed that the operation of human flesh search had been classified as a criminal offence, because telegram groups often contain messages involving such acts, and the deletion of which will reappear after a few days, resulting in the past months have been unable to completely remove. This is why the Hong Kong government is considering cutting off the use of the entire telegram software in Hong Kong. It has been reported that most of the people who have been flesh-searched by netizens are political figures, such as pro-CCP Hong Kong government officials, legislators and police officers.

The Hong Kong government has ordered all major online media platforms in Hong Kong to delete the messages related to the human flesh search on the grounds that they should not infringe on citizens’ privacy, and to take legal action if such information is also related to overseas media platforms.

The Hong Kong government has been cooperating with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to gradually bring Hong Kong’s internet into the firewall of mainland China.

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