Global Politics And Economy Undergoing Sea Change

In a Gettr video of May 20, Miles Guo gave an update on the war between Russia and Ukraine, as well as important events in Communist China.

1.) The world situation has changed dramatically, and there has been significant progress in the peace talks on Russia-Ukraine war.

2.) In Communist China, many provinces and cities have started to challenge the Zero-COVID policy, and there will eventually be an outburst of dissatisfaction with the Zero-COVID policy.

3.) Banks around the country have urgently reported to the central government that the restrictions on withdrawals, transfers and deposit have been a cause of discontent and a huge funding gap is about to emerge, which will surely lead to a major outbreak of public grievances.

4.) Shanghai’s Zero-COVID policy, coupled with defaults on supply chains in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and many other places, have triggered massive trade contract lawsuits. Underground banking business is booming.

5.) Housing loans, car loans, and various financial instruments of commercial banks begin to collapse comprehensively. The financial and real estate collapse caused by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s rule-of-lie is looming large.

6.) The CCP requested the U.S. to cut tariffs or it will refuse to pay its debts. The U.S. will definitely agree to such a request to reduce inflationary pressure on itself, but the U.S. will establish a new economic center in Asia while ensuring that Taiwan is protected from the CCPs aggression. There is no longer any possibility for the U.S. to continue collusion with the CCP.

7.) The World Health Organization may in the future classify the unvaccinated population as a special health group and introduce favorable policies as a protection. The unvaccinated population will become a valuable asset to all human beings.

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