White Guard Replaced Red Guard In The Name Of Epidemic Control

After the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) illegally usurped power in 1949, it instigated a succession of political movements of various kinds until the decade-long cataclysm of the Cultural Revolution pushed China to the brink of collapse. During the Cultural Revolution, the Red Guards played a very important counter-role, and they had important responsibilities for the Culture revolution disaster. At that time, most of the Red Guards were young people who did not yet graduated from secondary school, they were not only the perpetrators of the cultural revolution but also the victims of the CCP dictatorship. At the instigation of Mao Zedong, the Red Guards did everything they could: raid homes, seize and fight, vandalize and loot, harass and rape women, and even fabrate charges against anyone at will and wield the power of life and death. According to some sources, during the Cultural Revolution, Song Binbin, daughter of CCP general Song Renqiong, collaborated with the Cultural Revolution Working Group of Beijing Normal University and tortured the headmaster of the university to death. however, To this day, no Red Guards have been held accountable by law.
Today, the CCP has implemented “zero-Covid” epidemic control policy in China, in which the White Guards in hazmat suit have once again played the role of the Red Guard. In Shanghai, there have been many horrific incidents in which the White Guards broke into resident’s homes to take their belongings and even beat them to death in the name of Sterilization – the practice of being inhumane and indifferent to life is far more worse than during the Cultural Revolution. Earlier, Miles Guo used “animal liked slaves” to describe the current situation of the Chinese people. The lack of faith and the distorted human nature caused by the CCP regime are the root of all the disasters for the Chinese.

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