CCP Shuts Down the Offshore Cellular Communication Service

On May 11th local time, Zhejiang China Mobile sent a notice to its customers that the international, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan voice reception function will be shut down successively. If the customers want to keep the service, they need to register separately.
Previously, for the reason of “preventing telecom fraud”, the three major telecom carriers in Henan and Hebei stopped all users from receiving calls from international, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan by default. In addition, Liaoning and Jiangxi have shut down the SMS receiving function from the same regions.
CCP made an announcement before, not leaving the country unless necessary. Not only are the people not allowed to leave the country physically, but also the external communications are interrupted. It is well known that the current verification of any online social media and financial institution registration requires a cell phone number to receive SMS messages, otherwise it cannot be completed. By this move, CCP is imprisoning the people both physically and mentally.

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