G7 Discuss Ukraine Reconstruction, Food Crisis and Other Issues

The G7 development ministers held a meeting in Berlin, Germany, From May 18th, to 19th, focusing on the reconstruction of Ukraine and the global food crisis. Germany is the host country for this meeting. Schulze, German Minister of Economic Development, said that although the war has not yet ended, the reconstruction work in Ukraine has started, urban apartments need to be rebuilt, drinking water and electricity supplies need to be restored, and millions of Ukrainians need help. Coordinating reconstruction projects and finding partners is the task of the Council of Development Ministers.

The meeting will also focus on global food issues. Since the war, Ukrainian-Russian grain exports have been greatly reduced, food has become scarce and expensive, and rising food prices have a great impact on poor countries. The G7 is trying to find a solution by providing financial aid to these countries and helping them reduce their reliance on imported food. Russia and Ukraine are one of the most important wheat producers in the world, and millions of tons of grain are currently stranded in Ukrainian ports due to the war.

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