Top 5 Italian Luxury Brands want to Become the Manufacturers of GFashion

On May 14th, Miles Guo in his GETTR video shared that manufacturers and suppliers of the top five Italian luxury brands want to become the manufacturers of GFashion, and that some fashion organizations are trying to co-organize with GFashion to put on a global fashion show in 2024.

Miles says we are not really caring about the world trends, what we are building is the NFSC’s fashion. He explains that why those top five Italian brands want to become the manufactures of GFashion and that more and more other manufactures actively contacting us, because they know that the citizens of NFSC’s are the largest potential market in the world and our unique beliefs and ideals in taking down the CCP, working with us is to embrace the future and cooperate with justice.

In addition, GFashion is collaborating with three Italian express companies, customers from the world will receive their products directly from Italy with free taxes, free shipping, and free customs taxes, GFashion is on the way to lead the world in fashion field.

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