Shanghai Begins Reopening in Phases

ABC News recently reported that after weeks of a strict Chinese Communist Party (CCP) pandemic lockdown, Shanghai officials announced it would gradually reopen businesses such as malls and hair salons starting Monday. Shanghai, which has been on lockdown for more than six weeks, is tightening the ban in some areas, hoping it will mark its final blow against the virus that has angered and exhausted Shanghai residents.

Vice Mayor Chen Tong told a media conference Sunday that malls, department stores, and supermarkets would begin to resume in-store operations and allow customers to shop “orderly.” At the same time, hairdressers and vegetable markets would reopen at limited capacity.

He did not give specific details on the speed or extent of this reopening, and many residents questioned it online. “Who are you lying to? We can’t even go out of our compound. You can open up, no one can go,” a user on Weibo said that his IP shows that he is from Shanghai.

During the lockdown in Shanghai, authorities restricted residents other than buying necessities, with regular shopping on online platforms primarily suspended due to a shortage of couriers.

Although barbers have offered haircuts on the street or in open areas of the neighborhood, residents who have recently been able to leave their homes for a few hours to go for a walk or grocery shopping have looked more messy than usual.Combined with this news, the author also checked with some friends in Shanghai and asked if Shanghai had begun to unblock it. They have said that the government is completely lying, and they are still sealed in the community every day, and then nucleic acid is added to the antigen. This kind of thing can only deceive people who are not in Shanghai. The author once again asked whether it is true that the state media of the Communist Party stated that 15 of the 16 districts in Shanghai had completed the social clearance to zero cases. Everyone said that they live in the “16th District.”

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