Himalaya Exchange’s NFT 2.0 Will Lead the Fifth Generation of Blockchain Bookkeeping Technology

In his Gettr live broadcast connected with his fellow fighters on May 13, Miles Guo talked about the future of Himalaya Exchange’s (HE) NFT version 2.0 that will lead the fifth generation of blockchain bookkeeping technology. The technology will hold the promise of more advanced and broader applications.

Miles said that the first generation of blockchain technology used in Bitcoin no longer exists. Quantum computer technology is now fully capable of cracking all bitcoins and can make new ones very easily. Ethereum uses a third-generation blockchain technology that is now obsolete. The original NFT was born between the second and third generations of blockchain technology. The NFT version 2.0 technology now used by HE is the fifth generation of blockchain technology. It is not only tamper-evident in technology, but also in the way it is done. Unlike previous cryptocurrency exchanges that relied on commissions for their profits, this technology sells an exclusive right with tagging that truly gives users autonomy. Not only can users start bidding on NFT products that will be launched right before or at any given time, but they can also be customized with a unique personal touch. With its predictability, certainty, absolute uniqueness, high net worth, and high security, it will be a powerful tool to break the current financial system SWIFT.

SWIFT has monopolized the global financial communication channel using investors from large institutions and national banks. In the world of the future, once NFT has a decentralized SWIFT, it can NFT anything, trade with anyone in the world, and withdraw fiat cash from any country. The NFT will be a borderless, physically borderless, unsupervised, and immutable bookkeeping blockchain digital system, which is the real value of NFT. Miles said that Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance using the previous generations of blockchain technology were the cornerstones of the growth of HCoin. With their demise, HCoin will have a greater future!

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