The CCP’s threat to the world far exceeds Putin

Miles Guo revealed in the Grand Live Broadcast on May 11 that Xi Jinping is using the epidemic, economy, and Putin’s war on Ukraine to reenact the script of Mao Zedong’s launching of the Cultural Revolution and possibly start a war to destroy the world.

Miles analyzed three strange phenomena recently emerging in Communist China and pointed out that those are the steps Xi is taking before implementing his crazy plans. Firstly, the lockdown imposed in both Beijing and Shanghai is an extreme stress test for the common people. Secondly, state-owned broadcaster CCTV deliberately used the name Somebody Ma, instead of Jack Ma, to conduct psychological test on the common people. Thirdly, there are many rumors spread by the media from Communist China that Xi is going to step down due to his ineffectiveness in treating the epidemic and the economic downturn and Premier Li Keqiang will take over.

This is actually a self-directed play by Xi imitating Mao Zedong. Similar to Mao Zedong’s attempt to purge dissidents before launching the Cultural Revolution, Xi is trying to purge the anti-Xi forces from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to maintain his absolute authority.

Miles noted, based on these three points, that Xi Jinping has completely controlled the media of Communist China. Through the media, he has convinced the people that the Shanghai stock market is moving up against the world’s economic downward motion and that Russia is winning in the war.

The purpose is to test how much Chinese people understand the politics, especially the CCP politics. After seeing Putin’s defeat, Xi is still going his own way, and has become even crazier, indicating that the most dangerous threat in the Russia-Ukraine war is the CCP, and that Xi Jinping dares to start a war that would destroy the whole world, which even Putin would not dare to do.

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