The CCP Will Attack Taiwan At Any Time To Take Advantage Of The Global Economic Crisis

Miles Guo said in a grand live broadcast on May 13th that the CCP, seeing that it couldn’t win the West from observing the Russia-Ukraine war, planned and manipulated the global economic and financial meltdown on its own through unrestricted warfare targeting the American economy, which is the longest and most effective plan implemented by the CCP.

The chronicle global financial and stock crisis will be the first financial war of the worst kind in human history, while the HCoin will come out on top and will never fall. The CCP is vainly trying to create a new currency and monetary payment system and will attack Taiwan at any time when the West is in a financial crisis and inflation.

And in light of Xi Jinping’s character and his faith in the Modelski’s Model and the fallacy of the axis, he would bet heavily that the West would not dare interfere with the CCP’s armed invasion of Taiwan.

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