Miles Guo points out that Musk will face a quadruple disaster

In the grand live broadcast on May 11, Miles Guo pointed out that Tesla CEO Elon Musk was about to face a quadruple disaster.

First, Musk recently confirmed that he would expand the Shanghai plant in Communist China, which would cause Tesla’s auto products and stocks to suffer the first huge disaster in Tesla’s history.

Second, Musk’s acquisition of Twitter will bring disaster. Because Communist China highly influences Twitter, it could encounter all kinds of difficulties in processing acquisition. At the end of April, Miles also said that Musk might never complete the purchase of Twitter.

Third, the field of rocket launches will suffer the disaster of destruction caused by the joint efforts of Russia and Communist China.

Fourth, Musk still has a fantasy about Communist China and expects to continue cooperating with it, which will bring political disaster to Musk.

Miles emphasized that he admires Musk very much. Still, Communist China has its ulterior motive behind arranging for Shen Nanpeng and Zhao Changpeng of Binance to cooperate with him. Musk may have difficulty surviving this fourfold disaster.

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