ASEAN Upgrading Strategic Partnership with United States

According to a comprehensive report by on May 14th, ASEAN countries issued a joint statement at the end of the ASEAN-US Special Summit on May 13th, pledging to upgrade ASEAN-US relations to a meaningful, substantive and mutually beneficial comprehensive strategic partnership in November of this year.

The statement stated that ASEAN countries will work with the U.S. to address Covid, strengthen health security, work together to achieve economic recovery, strengthen economic ties and connectivity, and promote maritime cooperation.

At a summit dinner at the White House on the evening of the 12th, Biden announced a grant program that pledged $150 million for ASEAN countries in areas such as infrastructure, security, epidemic prevention efforts and clean energy.

According to Reuters, the summit was the first time since 2016 that the United States hosted a special ASEAN summit on its soil. President Joe Biden said at the meeting that the special summit in Washington marked a “new era” in the relationship between the United States and ASEAN.

In addition, Biden nominated his National Security Council chief of staff, Yohannes Abraham, as U.S. ambassador to ASEAN.

The confident accelerator of Xi never thought that his ASEAN minions would take sides with the United States at the critical moment! This is the downfall of dictators, never having loyalists, only sycophants. That is why until their collapse and death, their strength is only false confidence!

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