Japanese Media Exploded Shanghai is Implementing Stricter Lockdown Measures

On May 10, a Japanese media broke the news that Shanghai had stricter lockdown measures, which is entirely different from the CCP’s so-called propaganda that Shanghai does not enforce the isolation of the people. Two videos leaked from communist China and cited by the media showed that several police officers in protective clothing forcibly broke into a residential home and took people who had close contacts out to the isolation point.

In another residential building, a lady was asked by the police officers to immediately go to the isolation point because of a confirmed case on the same floor. The woman expressed unwillingness to leave. The CCP police responded arrogantly, mention this is China, and residents can’t do whatever they want but obey. And they stopped people from questioning. The reporter also recounted his personal experience. To achieve the current government goal of unlocking on the 15th, it has banned everyone in his community from going out or shopping online. The authorities will also dispose of the supplies he ordered a few days ago to prevent the transmission of the virus from the goods to people.

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