The NFSC To Create True Democratic Elections In The Digital Era

Miles Guo also shared vision of the future New Federal State of China’s(NFSC) electoral system in the digital era with his comrades on May 10 live broadcast.Miles pointed out that the existing democratic electoral system in the West is only a good beginning of political civilization, but this system still has many flaws. In recent years, elections around the world have largely fallen into control by the media, money and gangs. Furthermore, the vast majority of dictatorships claimed to be born in so called “democratic elections”.

To this end, Miles proposed that the NFSC will build a truly democratic electoral system based on blockchain digital technology. In this case, the will of every voter can be truly expressed and cannot be tampered with. And blockchain technology will also meet the diversity of voters’s demands and ensure that the election information is absolutely transparent and not manipulated.

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