A Shanghai Institution Was Exposed to a Large Number of False Positives Nucleic Acid Test Results

Chinese media reported on May 10 that the Zhongke Runda Medical Laboratory, a subsidiary of Runda Medical Company, had repeatedly tested false positives, causing many healthy residents to be transported to Fang Zhai square cabin camp for quarantine.

After the news was released, the share price fell to a limit on that day. Residents reported that on May 5 alone, as many as 13 healthy residents in a neighborhood in Shanghai were inaccurate tested positive for Covid-19 testing by the agency. There were also five false positives in a wealthy community where housing prices were as high as 68 million.

According to public information, the daily testing capacity of Shanghai Runda Medical Laboratory can test a maximum of 1 million people daily. The Covid-19 testing of Bansongyuan and Wuliqiao, the two most severely affected streets in Huangpu District, Shanghai, was done by the Group allied with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Zhongke Runda’s lab. Netizens analyze that under the extreme epidemic prevention policy, it is almost impossible for ordinary residents who got false positives to get a chance to be retested. Under the CCP’s zero-Covid policy, if one person is tested positive, the whole building or community residents will be transported away to a nearby quarantine camp. Many healthy residents have been wrongly tested and transferred to Fang Zhai square cabin camp, which has caused them to contract the CCP virus.

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