Russian TV hacked on its annual Victory Day

According to Daily Mail, on May 9th, Russia’s annual World War II Victory Day, Russian satellite TV was hacked before Putin delivered a speech. Anti-war messages such as “the blood of thousands of Ukrainians and hundreds of their children are in your hands” and “TV and the authorities lie” appeared on almost all channels.

It is reported that these antiwar messages also appeared on Russia’s leading search engine Yandex and video website Rutube. Former Russian presidential candidate Ksenia Sobchak said at night, and in the morning, residents of Russia who wanted to watch festive TV programs stumbled upon such messages. One source claimed the hacker might manipulate the Russian smart TV by inserting code into a built-in player. Throughout the war, hackers have been targeting Russia to spread the truth of Putin’s brutal invasion of Ukraine to his brainwashed population.

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