Big Tech Companies Use the Fifth Amendment to Protect Themselves

On the evening of May 11th, Miles Guo mentioned in the program of connecting with his comrades-in-arms that on the current social medias such as YouTube and Twitter, all the background data of the accounts that Himalaya farms made to spread the truth about the Whistleblower Movement had been tampered. Because all social media companies use the AMS data center, as a monopoly company, it has the right to interfere with any social media speech.

Miles Guo mentioned that Mr. Trump’s Twitter account was blocked, and the judge’s decision found that Twitter was legal to do so. The Fifth Amendment of the United States stipulates that the state and government agencies shall not interfere with the freedom of speech of citizens. Twitter is a private enterprise. In order to promote the development of private enterprises, the law has given huge powers to private enterprises, including interfering with the freedom of speech of its users.

Twitter and YouTube colluded with the Communist Party, maliciously shut down Trump’s account and tampered with the data of our comrades’ accounts. Once the data of a comrade becomes influential, the account will be included in the risk control list, and the account will be closed at any time. The accounts of the pseudo-classes who tell lies will be recommended by the system instead.

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