The CCP Regime Cuts Percentage of English Course in School’s Curriculum

On May 6th, local time, according to a report of Communist China media, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) government recently released a document indicates that the percentage of English language courses taught in primary and secondary schools in communist China will be cut to 6 to 8 percent starting in September 2022. Moreover, English will be removed from main subject list in its compulsory education curriculum.

At the same time, other languages, including Russian, will be added to the foreign language curriculum.

English has been known as the main subject of basic education in the Communist China in recent years. The demand for learning English has always been high. A lot of English Cram schools have established for both adults and students.

However, ever since the outbreak of the CCP virus pandemic, the CCP regime has strictly controlled students’ extracurricular activities in the name of so-called “burden reduction”. This has led to a major setback for English-language education institutions in the country. Sources also say that some schools in Shanghai have even cancelled exams in English. I

n response, Miles Guo has pointed out in his previous Gettr post, that reading and writing English may soon be defined by the Chinese Communist government as a “crime of treason”. For this reason, English, the world’s most used language, may soon be “zero tolerance” in the CCP regime.

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