G7 Expresses Grave Concern Over the Selection Process for the Chief Executive in Hong Kong

The sole candidate anointed by the CCP, John Lee Ka-chiu, was selected as Hong Kong’s new Chief Executive in the city’s first single-candidate election, which concluded at noon on May 8th. The first election after the CCP forcibly “perfected” the electoral system, under which there were 1,461 members in total in the Election Committee.

Tibet included in the G7 Foreign Minister’s Communique on China – Central Tibetan Administration.

The candidate is elected provided that they receive 751 votes of support in the secret ballot. The vote tallies indicated that John Lee received 1,416 votes of support and only eight votes against, an approval rating of up to 99.2%. Needless to say, the election results lacked credibility, with the overall turnout similar to the CCP’s People’s Congress. In this regard, the G7 foreign ministers issued a statement expressing their grave concern over Hong Kong’s Chief Executive selection. The report said that the election process, nomination process, and resulting appointment were incompatible with universal suffrage, and they could hardly represent the will of Hong Kongers.

The G7 was deeply concerned about the further erosion of political and civil rights and Hong Kong’s autonomy. It called on the CCP authorities to act under the Sino-British Joint Declaration and urged the new Chief Executive, John Lee, to respect protected rights and freedoms in Hong Kong and ensure the court system upheld the rule of law.

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