U.S. CDC Investigates Mysterious Outbreak of Hepatitis In Children

On May 7, local time, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) officials announced an investigation of a mysterious outbreak of Hepatitis in children at over 25 states in the US.

Data shows that there have been 109 cases of unidentified Hepatitis in children across America, and five of whom have died. At least 228 cases from 20 countries have been identified in the last month. Medical studies show that the cause of this massive Hepatitis infection in children is different from previous known causes, and some children have also developed adenovirus infections. It must be noted here that all media reporting on the issue have strongly clarified these children were not vaccinated against the CCP virus and that the illness was not related to the vaccine.

Usually, Hepatitis is transmitted through blood, saliva, mother-to-child feeding, sweat, etc. It is not known if the Hepatitis was triggered by an attack of spike proteins in the affected children’s living environment. Nevertheless, the widespread and seemingly mysterious infection of Hepatitis has raised concerns among parents. The CDC is specifically alerting parents to the possibility that children may be infected with diseases that have not previously been encountered by the immune system.

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