The NFSC Extends An Olive Branch To The World

During the grand live broadcast on May 6th, Miles Guo mentioned the Noah Ark, dove and olive branch in the Bible. He compared the New Federal State of China (NFSC) to the Ark with every fellow fighter to the dove, saying the NFSC should offer an olive branch to the freedom-loving people worldwide, make friends from all walks of life and help each other in the same boat. The NFSC have demonstrated to the world their utmost good faith at the front line in Medyka, Poland in the following aspects:

First, the mobilization of the nation-building fund.
Second, the dispatch of the NFSC’s elites.
Third, the establishment of the biggest tent. The NFSC hired security guards and buses to assist the refugees to flee the war.
Fourth, providing the best food.

Fifth, disseminating real information.The NFSC live-streamed the emergency rescue operation through the Gettr’s independent-media platform, where each team of fellow fighters could demonstrate what was happening to the world.Sixth, befriending with righteous people.Seventh, clarifying our stance and taking down the evil CCP through solid actions.

The NFSC’s citizens extend peaceful and friendly olive branches to the world and express their love of freedom and peace as well as faith in the Rule of Righteousness through honesty, kindness, and selflessness and solid actions.

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