Scope and Impact of Sanctions on CCP’s U.S. Dollar-Denominated Assets

On the Mother’s Day live broadcast on May 8th, Miles Guo elaborated on the theme of the U.S. seizure of Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s assets.

Miles explained that the scope of application of the US long-arm jurisdiction is not only limited to the seizure of the CCP’s dollar-denominated assets; Essentially, all the transactions in which the Chinese have used US dollars, and everything they have purchased, are within the jurisdiction of the United States.

Miles revealed that Zhao Changpeng, the CEO of Binance who worked with the devil, would eventually be subject to severe U.S. sanctions because of his ties to the CCP. When digital currencies are legalized, this will be the beginning of the demise of Bitcoin. On the contrary, HCoin, HDollar and HPay will become the greatest financial systems on earth.

Miles also added that, New Federal State of China will become the most respected and protected force in the world. The assets of people from the New Federal State of China will not be seized because we are the ones who are taking down the Chinese Communist Party.

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