The Good Majority From The CCP To Disintegrate The Evil System

New York, May 8th—Respecting parents and having a belief are two bottom lines of moral qualities among most CCP members, said Miles Guo during Miles’ Grand Live Broadcast. Miles also explained why he believes that 99% of the CCP members are good people, through which the Communist Party of China will be ruined.

A majority of the CCP members are of high moral standard of respecting their parents. They treated their families well. It only shows that not all CCP cadres are evil. In addition, most CCP cadres believe in Buddhism, Judo-Christian, or other religions. With belief and high moral standards, those CCP cadres are still good people. Miles is more confident in the restoration of Chinese ethos because of these good people.

Miles also said many CCP cadres are widely aware of the CCP’s evil essence since the “Zero-COVID policy” campaign in Shanghai. Unless the system of the CCP is taken down, neither they nor their families will be safe. Some of them would rather hope that Xi’s stringent policies should continue to be implemented. With the mounting pressure from the Xi regime, those elementary Party cadres sooner or later are forced to rebel, through which the whole Party will be taken down.

Miles firmly believes that the CCP will eventually be taken down from within.

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