An American Volunteer from New York reunites With the NFSC In Medyka

In the afternoon of May 6th, local time, Nicole, a volunteer from the Ukrainian rescue frontline in Poland, interviewed a woman named Victoria from New York.Victoria works at an investment bank in New York. When she was in New York, she had received the media brochure of the NFSC, so she was no stranger to the NFSC. Upon her arrival at Medyka, she immediately saw the banners and slogans outside the big tent of the NFSC and ROLF, and was very excited.

Despite the hot and humid weather, Victoria brought a lot of joy to people by donning a heavy, inflatable Pikachu costume and handing out candy and coloring books. She dressed up as Pikachu, because it is a cartoon character that both adults and children like. Her willingness to give and bring joy to others comes from her parents. She was delighted to see people come together at the Medyka center and try to do something positive in such a dark and scary time.

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