A Surge In The Number Of Russian And Chinese Emigrants

On May 6th, the latest data indicated that a total of 3.88 million Russians have left Russia in the first quarter of 2022, accounting for 2.7% of the 140 million Russian population according to the census released in 2020.

Since Russian President Vladimir Putin waged a war of aggression against Ukraine on Feb 24th, the number of Russians fleeing to the former Soviet republic has increased dramatically. Georgia alone took in nearly 40,000 Russians in the first quarter, 4.5 times the number for the same period last year, while Armenia received more than 130,000 Russians, nearly triple of that in the same period of 2021.

Miles Guo said that millions of talents in Communist China were now planning to flee the country, thereby leading to a sharp increase in the cost of applying for immigration to the US, the UK, Japan, Canada and even Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. However, the high fees couldn’t reduce the substantial increase in immigration applications.

Analysts pointed out that while the CCP announced this January that they retained the world’s first public trust in government and Putin claimed that he had an approval rating of over 80%, the people in both countries have shown the world their opposition to Putin and Xi Jinping’s authoritarian regimes by “voting with their feet”.

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